Tomorrow I am going to teach 4 kids more of a simplified version of the Westminster Cathechism, questions 76-83.   

Today I met with my spiritual director, a Jesuit priest, who told me what I was doing was very much like what the Catholic Church did before Vatican 2, only they used the Baltimore Catechism. 

I looked it up and there are identical questions in a lot of it, but a lot of different material and, in some key cases, very different answers.

I know about the doctrinal differences, maybe not all of them but the major ones.  I know where I stand on some of it.  Regardless, I am praying that this somewhat shaky ministry I get to be  a part of at the local jail, through the Catholic church, takes off in a way that frees people to live abundant lives, no matter who is involved, as long as the Holy Spirit is in the lead. 

New Year’s I learned that the reformed church I am teaching Catechism kids club at is interested in maybe being part of a jail ministry. I am hoping both denominations can have an active part.  My pastor at the protestant church is not too keen on the idea, but thinks it’d be good to get a foot in the door.

I don’t have faith that this will work, but I have hope.  I pray for more faith.  There is already love, so God’s in this.  I love them all.   The women broken and unbelieving, the Catholics serving no matter what, the Protestants uncompromising and bold.  I identify with all of them.  Now I’m looking at Him.  I’ll do what’s in front of me, and I’m looking for Him to work.  This is a great thing for Him because if something amazing does happen here, only an act of God would be a sufficient explanation.


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