my wand below 0


It feels like the Arctic in summer outside, not that I’ve ever been there.  Praying for the people without heat, incredibly grateful for my working car, heated house and workplace, membership at the Y.  The colder it gets, maybe it’s some form of cabin fever, my mind is getting hungrier, just like the rest of my body I guess.

Which is when I have found myself in a mess of trouble at times, so I’m looking to the things that don’t get me stagnent or pessimistic – I suppose things that don’t get me frozen too.

My favorite thing about being in relationship with God is that – as fast as you can think of it – maybe even faster? – you can pray.  No matter how cold it gets, what you have, where you are, all you have to do is turn your mind in His direction. 

Albert Einstein said that logic gets you from A to B but imagination can take you everywhere.   What a magnificent gift, that costs nothing, requires no particular talent or skill, or practice, (though practice is always good.)

My workplace practically workships people who can make things work that are expensive yet in a moment in the lab I can be apart from all of that while making a living in it.  I am so far from being like Paul, but I think I am getting a glimpse of what he was driving at when he wrote he has learned to be content in all things.  I’m far from that place too often, running after this and that, influenced by the wind it seems sometimes, but – despite myself, I am learning.

I am happy.  Not a complacent, everything is fine, no crisis happy but an active, alive, wow, this is cool kind of happy.  It helps that I have shelter, friends, a job and all that, but  – all my ducks lined up, I can be a wreck.  He changes that.

 For people with much greater faith than mine, they have this without having to get a bunch of stuff first.  Maybe God has provided all this for me because I might not get the point otherwise.  I got the proverbial Holden’s brass ring and it don’t source my joy.  He does.

Grace is real.

(picture from Poem by Esha Chhabra)


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