Although I had no idea how it could work, it seems that a path is before me.

My spiriutal director let me know to do my homework and information gather about the women’s transitional home and, after talking to the leaders of the men’s house that I normally serve with, the need seems even more pronounced to me. They warned me of a lot of struggles they had getting their ministry started, but encouraged me to continue to pursue it, as long as I didn’t get my hopes up too high.

Since my hope is not my own and I have no idea what could happen and I tend to be a bit too doubtful, knowing full well I shouldn’t doubt, I made another phone call today to the man that bought the men’s house.

Friday I’m going to have dinner at that house and start brainstorming ideas for the ministry for the women and to see what would be involved in buying a house.

God will have to provide the women to join me in this. I’m going to the protestant church tomorrow to teach and will tell them about it and invite a few to the dinner. Only God knows what’s next.

I don’t know if anyone else will read this blog but I’m also kind of writing to myself as well as God with this. Because I wish in my heart that the vision of His kingdom coming here, and the realization and actuality of women given more opportunities to break their addiction, women ministering to women joyfully is one like a lot of dreams that I have that I suspect God planted. I can almost come out and say God put it there, but if that’s true, it’ll happen and I can’t believe it will come true. I’ve seen a lot my dreams come true, multiple times on multiple levels but I still don’t believe it every time something new comes down the pike. Hopefully I will go back and read this and be more encouraged, next time He’s moving and I’m obeying but disbelieving.

And of course with the hopes that someone is like me in this doubt and it helps them believe too.


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