Going public


When my husband was sick, there were a lot of people who wanted to know what was going on, so one of his sponsees made a Facebook for me to post updates in.  It still has about 150 people in it.  I rarely post in there now, and his friends also don’t much either.

Today, I listened to a podcast by Chip Ingrim, (from Jan 10, 2014 called, “Breakthrough, Courage – The Catalyst to Breakthrough, Part 1”), that referred to the gospel passage where Peter gets out of the boat and then sinks.  He talked about fear and how we aren’t able to do what God is asking because we are afraid of what others will think or because it’s outside the box.  He said traditions block us.

Then I thought, here it comes, a slam on Catholics for traditions.  But it the slam never came.  He told a personal story about marrying his divorced wife.  She was a convert who married before she became Christian.  She had been abadoned due to her husbands infedelity when she was pregnant with twin boys.  Years later they married, but it was outside the box of what he expected was correct and the community they were with at the time told them it was flat out wrong.  But the pastor didn’t see any contradictions in the bible and eventually acted in faith.

I realized my biggest hang ups with all of this is not so much about whether or not God is doing this but more that people won’t approve.  Yeah, I’m a sinner. 😉

Then I posted what was happening in Jimmy’s Facebook group.

 So much of who I am and what I love has been given to me on this amazing adventure I’m on with Jesus.  He’s the one that led me to the a Catholic convent with a hunger to serve with everything I’ve got to the ones that most need it.  He’s the one that prompted me to leave the church when I disagreed with their doctines and failed to see fruit.  He’s the one that brought me back and kept me in the Bible and kept me talking to Him no matter what was going on.  He’s the one that’s taught me through is Word how to live an abundant joyous life and blessed me with sound scriptural teaching from pastors in so many denominations as well as experiences with groups of fellow Christians seeking Him and His kingdom.  I am blessed.  I’m not going to keep it quiet.

However, I read Mother Theresa never did fund raising.   I won’t need to do any for this, but, in that same spirit  – I can write a lot and I can write a lot of junk.  I want to keep blog just for God and allow Him to determine who reads it.

In the case this does take off and the reader is interested in what I wrote to ask for prayer for this jail thing  – it is pasted below this quick thanks. 

Thank You, Hashem, for speaking to me and showing me something else that needs to change for the better.  Thank you for all pastors, including Chip Ingrim and bless them a thousand fold for their efforts.  Thank you for all the people whose service goes unthanked but who step out boldly for you, no matter what people think.   Thank you that you’ve given me so many friends like that.  I love You.  You’ve given me a fantastic life.

Hi All,

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year’s. I’m sorry that I’ve not been able to post much these past few years, but Jim Bruno is still very much alive in my heart and our love is still shaping my adventure with Christ.

God has been doing a lot of stuff, as He is apt to do, and one of the things I’ve been privledged to do is volunteer, through a Catholic orginization, at a local jail where they use a lot of Protestant materials to try and get women to believe J…esus can heal them of their addiction(s). (Most women I’ve met are in jail for drug abuse.) I also attend a Reformed Presbyterian Church I think Jim would like. I teach a “Catechism club” class there.

My pastor mentioned that although Christ Church is a church plant, they might be interested in serving at the jail as well. Meanwhile, it seems to me from the Catholic ministry leadership, (it’s a 501c called Friends of the Master), that there are funds, volunteers, and church support for more help for the women, but a lack of leadership. I also think there are problems within the ministry that have more to do with doctrinal issues than leadership. Or perhaps that’s why leaders have not emerged.

The harvest is ripe. The men have a transitional home that is thriving but the women do not. All the women there I have worked with are addicts. A transitional home is not an answer or cure all, but it would give the gospel more of a chance to take root. It’s working with the men.

The leadership there has asked me to lead and teach on some Saturdays and Wednesdays, and consider this need for a transitional home. Now God has led me to ask about what it would take to start a transitional home for women, a task the Catholics serving there have wanted to do but have not been able to do.

I’ve not felt this excited about something God was doing since I realized He sent me to Jim. I don’t know how this will work out or what to do, but this coming Friday I am going to meet with the director of the men’s home to find out what it would take to get a transitional home started for women.

This post is to ask for your prayers. Please pray for the women who can be freed of their addiction, for the Catholics serving and battle ridden from being on the front lines for the Lord, for the Protestants to develop leadership that can empower both the ministers and the imprisoned, and for me to continue to be obedient to the Holy Spirit and true to what I believe God is calling me to do for His kingdom that honors Jim Bruno and his first love, Jesus Christ.

Thanks for reading and blessings to you all. May peace and joy abound in your hearts.


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