Making this Work

convolutedChip Ingrim does this podcast called “Living on the Edge.” He recommends giving God the first fruits of your time by getting up early to hang out just with Him. As soon as I heard this, I knew it was a good idea. I immediately decided not to do it. I need my sleep. I’m too busy. I get sick when I don’t sleep enough. I have to be careful not to make too many commitments. I can carve out the time at any time of the day. I pray all day. I’m not even carving out enough time as it is to get quiet. I can’t get up that early. I have to go to the gym.

The next morning, I work up before the alarm, about 20 minutes before I would have to get up to go to the gym. “Okay God, I get it. Sh’ma Israel, Addonai Eloheinu Addonai Ekhad. Jesus I love You with all my mind, soul and strength. All I have is Yours, Yours I am and Yours I want to be, do with me whatever You will.” My day began.

In my bible plan, I was at Psalm 50. It starts, “The mighty one, God the Lord, speaks and summons the earth from the rising of the sun to its setting. Out of Zion, the perfection of beauty, God shines forth. Our God comes and does not keep silence,…”

What I meditated on was how much I need to understand what it means that God is soverign not just over my rising, but the sun and every single person, creature, and molecule in this universe. Beyond. Over all that is. That was a piece of goodness I attempted to come back to the rest of the day.

At work, there are two mounts where a beam of light has to hit, going from mount A to mount B. Mount A is on a 1/2 inch pillar post and mount B is on a 3/4 inch pillar post. Since I’ve been making these lasers, I’ve continually had to improvise to get that particular alignment right; using glues, washers, setting things just so. Today the obvious occurred to me to use a 1/2 inch pillar post for both.

I was taught to do this an inefficient way, but it amazed me how something so simple could have tied me up in knots for so long. Determined to make things work, I came up with all kinds of things that made my life more difficult.

Apparently, in Copernicus’s day, there was this theory that, instead of ellipses, the planets travelled on convoluted paths. Scientists thought this because it was the only way they could make the math make sense in the worldview – well, solar system view – they had.

This is the problem with my best efforts, outside the plan God has for me. It’s an exhausting, convoluted rat race. It’s the Jesus’s words coming to life, “My yoke is easy, my burden is light.”

Thank You, Lord, for waking me up this morning. Tonight, I’m setting the alarm.


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