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Yesterday a young woman at the jail I recognized from Saturdays months ago asked me how she could sign up to get one on one visits from me.  I told her I’d visit her this Friday, so I’m up to 6.  There’s no way I can keep this up one night a week so I am praying He will make the time.

This morning’s Office of Readings had a commentary about how Hagar is like the Old Covenant and Sarah and like the New and to be content while waiting.  Then, I heard the same preaching an audio book, only Joyce Meyer.  Not only was it confirmation, it was the same message from the Catholic and Protestant voices in my ears.  God is good to me.

Work was a struggle and again I just want to run and pressing on, it seems that there are many levels of my life I need to wait on.  I don’t know what God is doing and sometimes, (it’s getting less frequent), I needlessly vascillate between holding on – as if I need to stay in this job forever- and quitting altogether.  Although I know better than to act on any of this, where these attitudes arise and why I am not content where I am, boils down to the lack of trust.  I don’t have to worry about losing my security because He is providing and all is well, and nothing lasts forever so there’s no need to jump the gun and end something when I’m not released.

He invites me to the still water and I’m hesitating.  And giving in just a little.  Knowing He is always more than enough. 

(picture from Mogul Mindset:


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