simple surrender

potter_sOne of the young women I work with one on one at the jail suffers from severe anxiety. She gets attacks that last about an hour. When I met with her, she was very agitated and inconsolable. We kept talking and after a little over an hour, she sat back and said she felt better.

I felt like I was looking in the mirror of someone I could have been. I had anxiety attacks as a child but God removed them during my conversion. Worry is a struggle for me still, but the despair is gone. I recognize it in others and although I know I can’t do a work God can, I wish I could just take some of what He gave me and give it to her. I guess that’s what I try to do.

Joyce Meyer is very popular with the women at the jail so this weekend I listend to part of an audiobook she dictated about what steals joy. She talked about not doing God’s job. Not that you could do it, but stop trying to do it.

That blessed my socks off. Another leader at the jail encouraged me that what I’m supposed to do in life is simple. Love God, love others, serve. He said I’m doing all those things, don’t worry about the rest. He told me not to absorb what I hear but to let it go.

Letting go as you love, what Jesus did perfectly.

Jesus, thank You for Your vision of freedom for each of us. Thank you for wanting to empower us to do things beyond our imagination. Thank You for Your choice to allow God’s love which is bigger bolder broader than what my mind can come up with to be something we can not just count on from time to time, but actually abide in. Thank You that we are Your Spirit’s Temple now. Keep cleaning my house. Make me more like You.


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