standing firm on the unseen

seedling2 of the women that I work with now want to become Roman Catholics, so I’ve taken the materials they use in the jail for RCIA and combined them with the 12 steps in Alcohlics 4 Christ for the first two steps and 3 chapters of the Catholic Identity workbook. Saturday I meet with the man that runs the Friends of the Master men’s transitional home for help to draft up the rest of it.

It feels like building a staircase. It is as if the staircase is invisible and it’s there for me to stand firm on. But it needs me to nail on the wood so that others can see the way.

Meanwhile, on the Reformed front, the pastor has met with the elders who I’ve heard were supportive but have questions on things life insurance. Next week, I’ll meet with him to find out about them coming into the jail and potentially some teaching materials.

It seems like ages have passed since I first asked about this and things are moving so rapidly with the Catholic side. I’ve written my first letter to a judge on behalf of one of my ladies and more talk about the transitional home has led me to consider buying in a mobile home park.

I have too many plates spinning. Earlier I forgot my bank pin and scrambled for change to fill a low tire. There are dozens of little things and the trials that keep popping up I fight back with my James 1 to count it all joy. Still – I am too frazzled… and fragile in these beginnings. God is doing a slow work in me and I am the Taz. Trusting in the unseen, I’m continuing to see, is also trusting that I will be and can be the person I know God wants me to be.

1 John is the next book that we just are starting to read the twenty times.

Father, help me to take time just to be with You. Jesus, thank You for living in flesh and enduring things beyond my imagination. Forgive me when I don’t want to think about the price. Increase my trust. Ground me in Your peace. And thank You for kindling my excitement for what You are about.


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