seed death


Neither of the women have called and, as I continue to pray for them, I realize how tiny my troubles are compared to the world of hurt they may be in. 

The Catholics are wanting to meet in committees and wait.

Yesterday, I met at a coffee shop with my (Reformed), pastor to discuss next steps to connect that church with the jail.  Something in the bulliten, a few announcements.  Once I connect them with the jail chaplain, a new class may form and my pastor was excited about the materials available for such a class.  I pray it will go over well with the jail chaplain whom I should see tomorrow.

There is a 5 bedroom house 20 minutes from my work for sale.  I can afford it just barely and my friend at the (Reformed) church who is going to the voluteer orientation in a few weeks is open to renting from me/with me.  I mentioned it to a Catholic volunteer I trust most and he said to keep it quiet but I could tell he thought it looked good.  The one drawback is it is so far from the bus lines.  I look at it next weekend.

Whenever there is a beginning in the bible, there is also death to establish good order. Aaron’s sons, Moses’s death before entering the Promised Land, Annanias and Sapphira, the untimely death of all the apostles, save John. Even small starts require the a death of old ways. To start any new habit, carving out time for reading or prayer, requires the space to be made for it and the end of the things in it. It is loss as gain. I want to be a person that is able to take this attitude like I love reading my bible or praying. There were starter seasons where it was a chore, now it is a joy. I am not that way with too much. Instead of being anxious about what He is doing, since He is moving, I should have peace. Lord, change me.

Lord Jesus I throw all this stuff in my mind and heart at Your feet and I pray You keep me from picking it up again.  Thank You for Your vision, for Your trust, for Your guidance.  Grant me discernment to respond to what You are about and not rush or settle.  Grant that I always move when You ask and as You do.


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