thinking of Framingham


Wed night it was just me and one of the guys, the one in charge of the men’s ministry sat in to be a second body in the room.

We studied Habakkuk and it went really well.  All the women, except one, participated – we had about 10 or 12.    Even the quiet one still read and was listening.

One of the newer women approached me about a book and wound up as a one on one for this weekend.

I haven’t felt this good since I taught high school.

I miss my husband and wish I could tell him about it. I guess I can.

Praying about moving back to Boston.  I’d find work and a place to live near the jail.   Maybe God wants me rooted here but the weird thing is, after I left, all I could think about was not where I was, but where I had come from.  And how God was using it.  This is my beauty from ashes.  Now I want to go back to the grave.  I hope that is of God.  It suddenly seems very important to get back there. Time will tell if that is Him.

I’ve got some bug or something, called in sick for work today.  But I have no free time to take.

Orientation is this weekend and there are 19 new voluneteers.   Hoping one on one women volunteers will happen.  I’m back up to 6 again.   A fifth step this weekend and something very similar using a book called Unbound. I’ll post again after that.

Jesus, you continually stopped and ministered and stole away to be with Your Father when You could.  Strengthen me this weekend and go before me to make a path for me to steal away and rest in Him.  Guide me and if this Boston thing is not of You, close the door or make it clear.  Be all that motivates me.  Take all of my heart and desires.  They’re all for You.


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