muddy eyes

IMG_0008Today was the orientation. I got a chance to meet several female volunteers and the two sisters that are interested in helping me with the one on ones.

I also found out a rule that the jail doesn’t let you see inmates 6 months after they get out, (unless you happen to run into them.) This clears things up for me a lot, because I have to choose to work in the jail over the transitional home, I can’t do both. God is clearly using me in this one on one time.

It also makes clear that Framingham can be in my future, (not that it is for sure), it’s well worth the time to keep in prayer. There is also a class I can take to get ordained for what I do, but I want to pursue that through the Catholic church before the jail.

I get that some healings happened right away, but I most identify with the man that saw partially when he was first touched, then saw clearly. These days I’m seeing trees.

After the orientation I got to see 4 of the six ladies, and did a 5th with one of them and was home at 7 tonight. A good and full day, lots of work ahead.

Father God, thank you for direction, for clarity, for being able to bring light into such deep darkness. Your word says to trust You to make our paths, and I want to trust You more with that. Abraham and Sarah didn’t know where they were going, but stepped out knowing You would only lead them to good. Increase my faith. Thank You that we get to walk together. I love You.


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