I hate it when I am judgemental.

This is the next thing I am committing to memory.

“And if you should see something that is clearly a sin or fault, snatch the rose from that thorn.”

St Catherine of Siena goes on to say that you should offer the things you see to God and have compassion. Later she writes, “And when you think you discern vice in others, put on your own back as well as theirs, acting always with true humility. Then if the vice is truly there, such people will change their ways all the sooner, seeing themselves, gently understood.”

I had to edit yesterday’s post and will continue to pray about a situation at the jail.

God has been answering really specific prayers I’ve had lately, and I can’t help but think that reading this this morning – these wise words are also an answer to an unasked prayer. Something needed but not sought after.

Today I laughed out loud reading cowboylawyer’s post about his barn cat that ran away, (despite the best of care by he and Sugar(!)) My cat, Ari, recently adopted, is taking a lot of time to warm up to me. An outdoor cat I owned before Ari, Brakha, was killed by a car and she was a Maine Coon. I was beside myself about it, not just because she was affectionate and wonderful, but she was an amazing companion in the worst of my grief after Jim died. Loved to be held, slept on my stomach.


Pretty soon after she was gone, haunted by her absence, I found another Maine Coon at the shelter – the only one-this past November. She was 10, riddled with problems, (UTI, runny nose, inflamed glands, closed tear duct, underweight), and about to be put down. It felt good to save her and she’s come a long way, but she still hates to be picked up. She doesn’t run like I’m on fire anymore, but keeps a healthy distance. She does let me hug her now and pet her so long as I don’t try to lift her or put her on anything. She prefers a cardboard box to the warm fuzzy bed the shelter generously gave me.


Living with an animal that is not sure you are to be trusted does mess with you. It also though, has this unintended gift. Like an answered prayer I didn’t ask for but somewhere deep inside needed it. It speaks to me of what agape love is. I can run from God usually because of the fire, but it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t change His love, nothing can or ever will. He snatched me. And I am forever grateful.


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