Many mansions


Friday a new volunteer started helping me with the one on ones, but they were understaffed at the jail so I wound up going back Saturday. Still, God is answering some very specific prayers. Loan is preapproved now. A team of women is forming – we meet Thursday. We are meeting with the a prison transitional Advisory board tomorrow. And I met a guy at the ALANO club who runs 2 transitional homes and got the program started from the time the man with the property approached him.

Everyone except the sister that I know that runs these types of places – the person that buys the house is never the one living in it. I have to live in it, even if I didn’t want to I couldn’t afford it. When I pray, I think of the widow’s mites passage. I’ve got lots more than that, but what I love about this, even though I know I’m not ready and that I have a lot to learn still, it’s me that’s all in. (And I’m a widow too (!:)) It’s my livelihood. It’s not my extra that I’m donating to charity.

I fell in love with this amazing house in Chelsea that we can’t buy, it’s too far from all the resources, including the Ann Arbor volunteers. I felt a little torn about it then God spoke very loudly to me in mass via the homile on dying to self, (gently done with a It’s a Wonderful Life analogy though), from the Jesuit novice. Then again and again through others that know the practical details of who I am, what God’s doing, what the need is. But it was a magic house. Built in 1815, cellar doors, secret passageways, attics, a breezway, stonework, decks on the side of the house both floors, and these pine beams in the basement with bark on them. To cheer myself up I looked up images of even cooler houses that that. Thus the blog pic. (Google images for Treehouse by the way is a treat.)

God I know You say in Your word – your promised – heaven awaits us with many mansions. I love what’s here, what’s in front of me, what I can cling to, what seems safe. It’s death to let it go but I choose You and trust You with always having my best in mind for me and for the whole world. Bring many to You and use me to do it. I love You.


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