moon meditation

The meeting with the prison transitional group went well and in time, we should have a board.  There is a small group of contacts I hope to start contacting soon, a business trip came up the day after the meeting.   


This picture is from the day before we got to work and goofed off at the Science and Industry Museum. 

Friday new health stuff came up for me – more tests – no information to know anything yet.

The scripture that comes to mind is that tomorrow has enough trouble of its own.  We are all mist anyway, so as long as God gives me breath and stregth, I’m pressing on.

The jail is ripping up asbestos for 6 weeks.  I wasn’t able to get in at all Friday, but I hope to try again later on.  The leader of the group is going to investigate with the chaplains to see about one on ones and give me a call.  The chaplain escorted them in for mass today, but  – since a Friday class didn’t happen, the rest of the services seem to be in limbo.

Spring is unstoppable though.   It’s wonderful to see.  He couldn’t be kept in the grave and all these things He’s planted in my heart, can’t stay buried either.  Or don’t have to.  He’s launched me.   I suppose I’m not clear of the landing.  But I don’t mind. 🙂  I’m in good hands.



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