closed door, open heart


Tonight I found out that our offer on a house that seemed to be perfect for what we envisioned as a transitional home got turned down. I was a little disappointed but am sure that there’s either something better out there, it’s not the right time, it’s not the right thing or some other thing that God is doing.

After a bike ride, and defrosting a little, I went to an AA meeting down the street. I saw one of the ladies I was working with in the jail who now has 4 and a half months clean. I am so proud of her and pray God crosses our paths again. I also heard good stuff about one of the women I did a fifth with.

I’d not been to that meeting since I’ve been doing one on ones, and not only was it great to reconnect, but new friendships are forming and all are interested in this home. I invited a few to the meeting Thursday, – the team is growing before it is formed! It’s a team in the womb.

I have to kind of pinch myself, I can’t believe this is all happening and I can’t get over how happy I am even though I don’t know anything that is going to happen.

It is a great joy to truly want what you have been given. Can I only know this by contrast? Who cares, I got it. This has to be one of the holiest holy weeks I’ve had. Or at least, that I was aware of it anyway. Thank You God for keeping after my heart that so easily fixates and is ungrateful and just plain stupid sometimes. You’ve replaced it with deep love for others regardless of distance, attention to details that used to escape me and now thrill me because they’re hidden in plain sight, and the wisdom to wait on Your perfect timing. 🙂 More soon, Sweetest Savior, more very soon.


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