just before take off

This past week has been a whirlwind.

Saturday we had a big meeting of jail volunteers and a young woman that used to do one on ones years ago was there and very supportive.  She even offered, (she stopped due to a move further from the jail), to schedule some to help or to shadow some of the volunteers.  We are still waiting on badges. 

The house got discussed and much more seriously and they looked at me to lead it.   My newfound friend asked to look for properties and she found one that night   – 1 mile from the jail, 20 minute drive from my work, near parks  – great neighborhood, 5 bedrooms, 2 baths, half acre yard, 2450 sq ft.  Move in ready.  And in my budget but on the high end, I will need roommates. 

She even came out with another friend of mine Sunday afternoon to view it.  I made a bid Sunday night and today agreed to their counter.

We’ve kicked around a lot of ideas, and I am meeting with a few pastors concerning church projects, but – I don’t want to make any churches liable if we have troubles.  I also have very strong convictions about coming up with the funds ourselves and relying on God, working for what we have too.

Tomorrow I should get biopsy results and have been doing good, taking enough time to rest and showing up for everything that matters most and not everything.  Tonight was my home group which I have been able to go to three weeks in a row now. 

At my job in Boston, I could walk to a large Catholic church on my lunch hour and could go to mass every day if I wanted, and often I did, especially right after Jim died.  Today, armed with an iPad app with Liturgy of the Hours, I so miss that.  Battling this health stuff had actually forced me into longer quiet times with Him and to slow down and  – so long as I take care, I can get fed regularly with spiritual food, even though I can’t make mass, I can connect with Jesus through others and by carving out time with Him alone.  How often I have made the mistake of just making the time but not making it a priority, like giving God leftovers instead of first fruits.  In any case, He’s straightening me out, as always.  He’s so good like that.

Today I felt like Elijah because it was raining when I woke, which I love, but I asked for it to be clear by the time I got off work so I could go for a bike ride.  It was like a summer day when I stepped out of the lab at 5:30 and it stayed beautiful by the time I was home and ate dinner.  By 6:45 I was on the bike and rode to the house I might buy and back in time to make the meeting at 8.  Then it began to rain.

Sometimes I feel like this girl waiting to take off, but really, I am already flying. 


Father God, please grant that  – if this house is Your will, it happens.  You are already surrounding me with blessings and support.  Thank you.  Give my body strength each day to step out and do needs to be done.  Thank You that beyond that, you give me deep peace and joy and such amazing people to work with and be with.  Knit us closer in Your love and help me to be who You want and that those around me are free to be who You made them to be as well.  In Your Son’s name I ask all these things.  Amen.


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