new beginning


Today ball started rolling with the house, we have a contract to buy it.

Also no biopsy results yet, and, since I was a little drained, I told the jail volunteers I was going to stay home and would be there Friday for one on ones.  I also really want to attend the Big Boy fundraiser dinner tomorrow night, so resting increases my chances.

I got a phone call from one of the women I work with that got out today and she was very stressed out.  My mentor had told me to keep an eye on her, he was worried about her, she had no support.

I live less than a mile from the rehab, (a coed “holding” kind of place, that then sends them to transitional homes and programs, helps them get jobs, etc), so I picked her up.

We put her two paper grocery sacks of belongings in my car and now she’s asleep on my pull-out couch.  It was a restful evening with unexpected good company after all, but I am also a bit ahead of myself.  I get this could jeapordize my ability to work in the jail. I think my mentor was concerned she was suicidal, but I can’t be sure.  She’s fragile anyway. 

She worked very hard in the jail and I believe she’s going to make a fresh start but I also think she needs more than is available to her.  I couldn’t turn her away.

I did tell her she had to be out when I left the house in the morning and I could drop her anywhere.  It just so happens there is an issue with the house I’m renting and my landlady will be here at 8 to wait for the plumber, who could arrive anytime between 8 and 10.  So I have an extra half hour to get her anywhere she needs to go.  There is also a shelter down the street.  The library, the church.  She has my number.

Asked a rabbi about getting a Jewish member on our advisory board to help with planning the spiritual disciplines of the house.  He’s thinking about it and will refer me to someone.

There’s a light rain outside and there’s a lot of peace in my house this evening.


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