Thursday night I was supposed to meet the woman who had spent the night at my place at the library before it closed at 9. I got done with a fund raising dinner for the men’s house that I went to straight after work; that is, after dropping the escrow check for the house with the realator.

I made it to the library at 8:15 and she wasn’t there. It was a little rainy too. I went home, changed, jogged to the library just about 10 minutes before closing and searched all the floors again. Waited until it closed, then waited a few minutes outside after, already knowing what I expected but was hoping with everything that i had wasn’t true. I thought, since she left her stuff at my place, the chances might be better. But if she lost a house, she could loose a toothbrush.

Friday morning when I woke up, I happened to be in Jeremiah 22, (on this year plan I’m in through YouVersion.) Verse 10 is, “Do not weep for the man who is dead, do not raise the dirge for him. Weep rather for the one who has gone away, since he will never come back, never see his native land again.”

My prayers then turned to all those caught in addiction, especially those who’ve relinquished their homes and loved ones. And thanksgiving for a God who never gives up.

The weekend flew, beautiful sun, clean house, another raspberry plant for the deck, meetings with both my spiritual director and Protestant pastor, new one on one at the jail tonight. And still the echo of what the weekend would have looked like with her tagging along, faint now but enough to keep me praying.

The advisory board for the Jimmy B house is just waiting on the Jewish member. So far it consists of the Episcopal pastor who can make it when he can that used to know Dorothy Day and now works to help prisoners getting out of jail tranisiton, my pastor at the church from my husband’s denomination, another woman who works in foster care from that congregation, and 2 Catholic volunteers that have do one on ones as well. The house gets inspected Monday.

Father I have more blessings I take for granted than the ones I remember to count. Thank you that You’ve given me so much and help me to be a good steward. Use me to enlarge Your kingdom. Be with those You want that can’t quite seem to believe it.


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