Round 2

Tonight another woman that I did one on one’s with will stay over. She’s got a job here in town and is okay with getting kicked out when I am not here. I’ve got a work trip coming up on the 19th for about a week and hopefully she will be able to couch surf until something else comes through for her.

I am encouraged that this house idea is already going, even before the house. Still no word on whether or not they’ll give a little on the price. My friends that know about this stuff better say that these things are legit concerns and the money is not anything I’m going to lose the house over.

One of my errands, after the grocery, was to pick up “drop kits” from Friends of the Master-the men’s house. Pastor Keith explained them to me. It’s kinda like pregnancy – in terms of accuracy and little lines. It test for all sorts of stuff. I really need to read the directions. I’m going to tell my temporary roommate this evening and figure I will ask her unexpectedly once a week. I’m not sure. Hopefully at some point, if she’s here awhile, she can just be like a normal roommate but I need to talk to more people as to when that should be.

I’m not the only one in this house with questions about trust.

Ariay 001

Today I did chores and the ever relucatant Ari watched suspiciously from her refuge, a cardboard box. She also did not – and has not taken to the pet steps I made so she could easily get to the bed. I suppose all these things just need time. To be continued…..


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