spring home



The weekend prior to this one, my second guest relapsed and disappeared.   Although it may have been inevitable, I can’t help but think if there was someone to hang out with her while I went to the jail, she might have had a better shot.

This weekend I found a house I can afford without a roommate that works perfect; near to bus lines, close enough to work, 3 bedrooms upstairs, one down, (where I will be), and a nice yard.  The offer we made was accepted and off we go again.  I also have met a new friend who runs a men’s sober house. He gave me a name of a young woman who is interested in being a house manager and we are scheduled for coffee this Wednesday.

The meetings in the jails are getting intense.  One of my ladies went through a severe sexual and physical assult one year ago.  A priest had told me once, related to my own loss, that the body remembers even what the mind does not.  That proved invaluable information as I helped her to see all the angst she was blaming on other things were perhaps connected to her trauma.

I was excited to help and to be with her and grieved but also feeling that I need more training.  Instead of faith, my mind went to – lucky I knew from that priest – when there was no luck about it.

My spiritual director recommended I got to Manresa in the fall to get trained as a spiritual director so I signed up.  It’s one night a week, 2 hours, and it’s not every week. 


Father God I thank You for continually going before me.  Help me to see it.  Thank you for your amazing and timely provision.  For this unbelievably beautiful spring and all the things popping back I forgot I planted.  You have planted so much and I’ve prayed for so much I then forget.  You never do.  As I am surprised by joy and deeply assured by prior hopes realized, build up a team around me so that we can rejoice at this together. 


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