in homage of the Book Wars blog

1.. Pineapple or mango?    Pinapple

2. If you had a pseudonym what would it be? 00Bo aka double oboe.

3. Favourite new release of 2014?  I can’t keep up. 

4. Within a fantasy setting, what would you designate the meaning behind your favourite colour to be? Green would mean a new significant character was coming to the scene and blue would mean one was leaving

5. How do you react when someone puts down your favourite book? Calls it negative things? My want to be self blows it off but i take it personally.  until I realize how pointless that is.

6. Do you think Harry Potter is no longer relevant?  Never read it… too many books… to little time…

7. Imagine you are reading a book and the last page, the most important page, is missing. How do you express your anger/frustration/rage?  By slowing down and then writing or imagining it myself a thousand different ways and then obsessively searching for the real ending.

8. Favourite book or movie that broke your heart? 7 Samauri.  So far…

9. I thought it was “eight, eight, I forgot what eight was for…”  ug.  The agony of things I remember.

10. What is the craziest bookish thing you have ever done?  given the Power of One to someone I didn’t know in a class I had completely unrelated to anything to do with S Africa, boxing, apartheid or even race relations.

11. If you had one wish what would it be?  to hang out with God in person.

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