Rant on the State of Things for Emily


Following FollowingafterJesus Emily’s journey and from what I’ve read of what she’s written so far, her latest title threw me off.  But it was a very clever hook with a challenge so here’s mine.   Reader, i’ve hooked you too so you are it.  What has our Lord blessed you with?

I also feel blessed this turn to fall.  The sad close of summer and assurance it’ll be back.  The new crisp bite to the air, the desire for hot tea instead of something cold, and I saw a pumpkin at the grocery yesterday.

Although God blessed me with a warrior for God has well, and it amazes me how the brief time we had together was so powerful and loving and how if I dwell in a good memory of something he said or a moment we had it can sustain me through – well – anything.

What I have to learn seems to get bigger in proportion to the time I spend diving in.  Endless depths of wisdom and knowledge that make His word come alive through circumstances, beautiful stories on blogs, books, articles, and interactions with so many loving people that love Him.  And even people that don’t by contrast.

Tonight I have a class to attend that’s going to help me better minister to the women I work with Friday.  God has blessed me with a magical house, a vision for my temporary home here with lots to work on and see come alive, and sure sense of a heavenly home to store up treasures in too.

Saturday I get to go to Shabbat services by invite and then I’ve plans to walk in the Botanical gardens with a good friend who is quite the gardener herself and wants to look for ideas for the house’s yard.  Like our own little garden to tend to.

Then Sunday, church, a friend, and more church!  Blessed by the freedom to worship without persecution and the Spirits reminder to pray for the suffering.

And as much as I don’t like a lot about myself, God keeps pushing me to show me about what a beautiful child I am because if I can’t see that, I can’t see how beautiful everyone else is.

So yeah, things are pretty good here too.


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