stories within the stories for the Book Wars


My favorite book before I could read, the one I would ask my great-aunt to read over and over again, was The Sneeches by Dr Seuss. If you are unfamiliar, you need to rectify this situation immediately.

At the time I was blissfully unaware of the sense of justice it appealed to, but it was captivating all the same.

Also before I could read, I would spend hours pouring over a dark version of Beauty and the Beast, I put in something called a “tape” and hit play on the “cassette player” and it dinged when I was supposed to turn the page. It was far from what Disney did to it and I am as suspicious of all things Disney now as I was back then.

Unfortunately, there were a lot of beautiful layered stories that I never got to until I was an adult and the Narnia series I would highly recommend to any young reader.

Also a huge fan of the parables of the bible and often keep the parables on heaven in mind in terms of chasing after God’s will in my life. The man who sells all he has for the treasure in the field, for example, has strongly influenced my decision to take this plunge purchasing a home.

The best stories I’ve found so far, and continue to seek out, are the ones that G-d is writing in and through the lives of other people, as well as my own. There are so many people I talk to that don’t seem to realize that their story is just one layered in a much larger one. But when I do find people like that, my heart sings. I spent less than half my life denying that fact, this last half waking up to it, and now am stepping into a new adventure He is unfolding as well as trying to make note of it happening to let people know it’s His work.

Stories is also why I love science, because all you can get from it is very clever fiction. We can claim that there’s objective truth or we can claim that there is not and the world still goes on and things still happen just the same as we chase how and why and never quite know what to do with it – regardless our perceptions.

I trust the Author of all of it is telling the most magnificent story of all times as sure as the ice’s density is less than liquid water so that fish can survive the winter, a story a chemistry teacher told me, so impressed that, unlike other matter, water expanded when it froze.

A math teacher told me the story of all the convoluted paths of the planets scientists had come up with until Kepler thought of the idea that since G-d is perfect, why not the planets be a little less perfect, but in the family of circles. Ellispses inspired by the idea that we are not G-d but yet made in His image.

I am so grateful for my parents, my teachers, writers, and all those along the way, the extended family of G-d, that have been fostering this love of the story that is simply marvelous on its own but also illustrates a much deeper reality with so many facets, I can never get my mind around it. I rejoice in this journey where nothing is as it seems and the best is yet to come.


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