unseen gifts


Today I listened to a sermon on Colossians 2 and when the pastor got to verse 18, he lumped all feeling into the flesh. In other words, feelings were just feelings and they don’t mean anything and the only way you can follow God is by reading the Word. You need to dismiss any feelings you have about it. Don’t base any truth in your experience, just the Word is truth.

All that my class is teaching about Ignatian Spirituality is about feelings and experience. The idea is that God speaks to us through our feelings and how we react to the Word.

I see the problem with many of my friends as well as in myself, when we don’t identify the Word as a trump card, regardless of how we feel about it.

Despite all the intense emotive Scripture, and G-d’s creation of sentient beings that have feelings about a huge range of emotions because they are made in His image, (one among many factors that separates us from animals)…. for whatever reason, this particular denomination is more about emphasizing the rational as well as belittling the emotional. I don’t think it’s just an attempt to be counter cultural.

Then the Spirit seems to show me that I have two very precious gifts: this particular group of Protestants that push and remind me to be holy and revere the Word of God and Catholics that keep me grounded, reminding me of where I came from and that it can all be used for good and His glory.

Not to mention all the other amazing people and gifts in my life.

It is yet another tension I am called to keep, and I can’t afford to leave either precious voice on this amazing walk I may grumble through but Lord willing, will continue to see the beauty and His fantastic loving hand in.


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