faithful with small things


The young woman who is having her journals published may be sending them to Random House through me now – we’ll see next week. It’s exciting to be a part of it.

More than once this week, He has reminded me to be faithful with every little thing. My work is very detailed and it is crucial that I pay close attention and give it my all or nothing will work, there’s a lot of precision involved.

That’s never been a strength but He has changed me and continues to, and it’s through praying with Luke 16:11 that I actively strive to work that spiritual muscle and have for awhile, but it’s still daily so tempting for me to skip over what’s right in front of me. He keeps after me though, despite my nuttiness.

It’s awesome to to see something big start to happen with the ministry. The (Reformed) church stepped up and bought a twin bed for the girl that just got to her godmother’s. I really hope and pray, (please pray too reader), for that kind of thing to continue. I also hope that it takes off through other people. (Lord, bring them! Grant others join me in this) – He already seems to be building interest. My load was halved today as far as names to see, thanks to a Catholic volunteer and as the Catholics ask me to take on a new facility, that same woman offered to come with me. It’s the prison for the mentally ill, called the Forensic Center. I’ve only seen one woman at the jail so far that has been in there.

I praise and thank You Lord that You keep watch over the sparrow and how much more do You look after me. Thank you that You give me little things to attend to and continue to bless me with that grace to see it. Whether it be a kind word, a letter in the mail, or an extra stop for a friend, thank You that you always lead us to the next right thing. I love You.


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