trusting a just God and forgiveness


“If we really want to love, we must learn how to forgive.” Mother Teresa

Some really ugly stuff will come up at the jail and, as I’ve blogged before, I don’t have trouble with it in those women, most are easy to love. With boundaries that they have for ministering, some of it is my not always good yet necessary ability to leave it there.

What is a dreaded learning experience for me is when their struggles touch my own failures, and it is much harder for me to forgive myself and those closest to me. But He’s working on me.

When my heart is turned in a good, life giving direction, its feels a bit like this image. Letting go and trusting our God to deal with all of it and prayers for a person who I perceive did the injury because, they are in a more miserable place with that on their conscience.

At the same time, when I need to appeal to our Advocate with repentance, I don’t often dwell there, at the place where He’s writing in the sand or asking a challenging question, that interim place where He is showing me, not just with the cross but ultimately there, that He loves me that much.

You son clears away wreckage I am tempted to pick back up but can walk and even dance in full freedom, unhindered. Grant that I spend more time with you soaking that in, maybe talking a little, but mostly just letting You love me in your spectacular truth.


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