Hare on board


This has been a most unusual Passover/Easter season for me. My expectations are too gloomy for the Lord and just when I thought things were set back, they sprung forward leaps ahead of the time change.

There were two Seder meals I had the priveledge of attending and now I’m counting the Omer for the first time. This last Friday, I attended was a (Christian) women’s movie night to see “G-d’s not Dead”, (hyphen mine.)

Praying for the persecuted church in the middle east made the University vs the Church a bit of a hard sell in my book. As I shared with my (Christian) pastor’s wife how much I identify with that Messianic community and what they do, (bracing myself for some works based rebuke), nothing came but a laugh and hearty idenfication with my own frutrations regarding inauthentic “Christian” art and worship.

Meanwhile, before all this, the house has seemed to have issue after issue. A (downstairs) door lock seized, the furnace blew, a hot water valve stopped working, the garbage disposal stalled, the dishwaser and stove quit, and there is asbestos in the mastic under tile I removed. Although I have managed to deal with most of it, (furnace done, mastic solution found, hot water valve I have parts just need time, the dishwasher a friend helped replace and the stove and furnace I fixed), all that on top of the larger project of the wood floor was starting to perk doubt in me as to whether this truly was what He’s called me to do.

Today, the pastor’s wife introduced me to a man who let me know that our church’s mens ministry is taking on the wood floor and will finish for me, free of charge. And by the way, if I needed any other help they were at my service.

I wrote in the house’s Facebook group that sometimes we inch along and struggle, but other times, He just swoops in and says, I got this. This is one of those times. I love the Lord that He always challenges and tests us in His plan to make us the best people we can possibly be, and I also love that He is for the weak, to build us up and knows our limits. More to come.