No, I don’t have a Bluetooth

When I’m driving I just like to be driving

And walking I just like to be walking

It wasn’t always like this

And maybe it still isn’t for a book to me is like a purse for other women and

Music had to fill all the spaces and still does some but

gazing around everyone is looking down or

off to a place I cannot see at someone in their minds eye

I avoid these distant places and people though they are very much real they are not here

Yet I am the same

wishful thinker

imagining what isn’t mine was

acting when I am to wait

waiting when I am to act

shoulding all over what is

and yet somehow He catches my eye and creates spaces

for turning

for being in a gift and seeing it for what it is




And my glance up at the meandering car

with a phone at the ear and a tenuous lane

can turn into a prayer for her spaces

that these people wanting to be anywhere but where they have been placed would be mesmerized by grace

and maybe, sometime after my disdain,

I too will fall deeper into love.


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