A Sunday conversation



Recently I was listening to a friend talk about someone he loved who was addicted to substances and his own powerlessness regarding the relationship, which was especially painful since he is a mentor to her son.

Intellectually, I know that only Gd can save her, show Himself to her, give her the grace to allow herself to be free.  But listening and watching, it took everything I had to fight off the impulse to fix or save or do something.  It required a death in his own self to admit he could do nothing and I too have to die to this idea and continue to trust Gd – making myself available should He give me the opportunity but ultimately to surrender the healing work to Him.

Thomas Green writes about a surrendered life as like floating.  An active state requiring our complete focus, physical effort, and surrender.  Listening last Sunday gave me this sense.

I stand in awe of His death, and it’s purpose.  I am in doubt of my own ability to share in that, even though I know what’s.  I pray He will continue to transform me.


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