A few days ago, I read If, and now am including one of those statements each morning with my prayers.

Life has thrown me a few more curve balls this summer, and given me a lot of time to spend with Him.

He’s still at work on this house and all my angst, doubt, questioning, focus on what went wrong,  -maybe I had to do that, but maybe not.  In any case, I’m staying put and not veering from the vision He gave about it because He started this is still at work.

Mostly, I’m amazed that He chose us to live in, work to bring about everything good He wants to do.  The more I focus on how much He loves me, every part, the more I am sure He’s in the lead.  Although it wasn’t my choice, it’s a good thing I got slowed down to pay more attention.  There is unique beauty in a desert.


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