After listening to the readings from this week, what stayed with me was the amount of time that Elizabeth had to wait to have a child, and how long Simeon had to wait to see Jesus.

I have read these stories like breathing; not thinking, getting the promise in the next verse which may have taken years.

As I plug along, the Spirit keeps reminding me how long it may take, which I don’t want to hear, but also am deeply assured by this week because my stubborn heart took a hit.

The deepest joy and best feelings come when something you thought (that is good) would never happen does indeed happen.  Perhaps it is true that a lot of good won’t happen in this life, but, every time we pray Thy Kingdom c0me, that’s what we’re asking for, for His good now.

There are a few things that are going to take a lot longer than I had hoped, but my hope is starting to shift.  If His best is a fullness like described in these stories, even if what is in my own life is so small by comparison, that’s what I want.

Father, we want You to come soon to mend this world, but also wait with joyful expectation as You accomplish things greater than what we’ve read about and beyond what we an imagine.  Praise You for the way you set things up and the beauty of a long awaited need fulfilled; Your justice and mercy, Your truth and Your love.





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